The Most Popular Non-Surgical Face Lift Treatment

  • CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument). The CACI facial toning treatments have been voted the most effective rejuvenating treatments available.

  • The procedure has twenty years of medical research and works be re-educating , toning and firming the facial muscles. This is a non-evasive alternative to lift, sculpt and restructure your face.

  • It is the very first treatment system to combine Microcurrent facial toning, crystal free microdermabrasion and LED photo rejuvenation.

  • CACI works by combining the stimulation of a unique patented electrical waveform with the natural occurring bio-electric current of the body to achieve visible results on sagging muscles and skin tissue without the need for invasive needles or surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

CACI uses tiny micro-currents to tone, lift and re-educate muscles whilst also improving damaged skin tissue. It also stimulates blood circulation and softens fine lines and wrinkles.

If I start the treatment but then decide to stop, will my skin deteriorate?

Your skin will not be affected by stopping treatment, but will gradually return to how it was prior to treatment.

Will I see a difference after just one CACI facial?

Yes you will see a change to your facial contours, lines will look softer, skin will feel smoother and more definition to your jawline.

How many treatments will I need and for what duration?

All courses will be tailored to suit individual client needs. The best results are achieved with a course of six treatments close together so that the effects remain over a period of months.

The number of courses required depends on age and muscle tone, however most clients have been able to move into their monthly maintenance treatment after just one course of six.